The camera merely a brush, the photograph merely a canvas and light merely watercolors in his hand—the master, Gihan De Silva—paints with flamboyant flourishes of his imagination. And in the immersive rapture of his art—you—his subject emerge and are immortalized as the cynosure of all eyes and for all time. It is this ebullient passion and unwavering dedication to his art that culminated in Gihan De Silva being recognized as one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world by Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Abroad Magazine (UK). For Gihan as the scion of a great photographic legacy and as a proud Sri-Lankan it was indeed his finest hour and the crowning moment of a 75 year generational odyssey.


Why Us Photo


'From the imagination—the myriad of the mind—always for love.'

To embrace the glory of the moment with the infinity of the imagination. To dream with time and light, and paint with pixels. To revolutionize the classic still, and immortalize the moving image. To venerate and rebel. To articulate that which hitherto only lovers saw in each other's eyes. To see before the future comes but never forget the grandeur of history. To distill poignancy and synthesize paradox. To render the ephemeral eternal and the human—God-like.
To, above all, apotheosize love—to celebrate this in art so that you love once and live forever.

This is the philosophy of Gihan De Silva Photography. And it is a passion from which, and a waking dream to which, I dedicate my life.

'I consider myself as much a raconteur as a photographer: For I seek to tell the stories in your heart.'


Gihan De Silva, as ever on the cutting edge of new photographic technology has embraced this innovation with artistic glee for it frees the reins for him to paint with light & color the narratives of his vivid imagination.

Meshing Gihan’s artistic expression and your personal style we conceive of the wedding of your dream. By taking the utmost care during the consultancy and planning stages, we create something truly unique. Something that flows from your fantasy itself, something which is as unique as you.


Honoring the tastes of our discerning clientele, Gihan De Silva Photography offers a range of beautifully ornate albums immaculately tailored to your desires. We believe that your special day should live up to its billing and be entirely about you, this why we never waver from our commitment to personalized and thoughtful service.

The style, size and finish of your wedding album will be decided in collaboration between you and Gihan resulting in a memorable keepsake that forever captures and evokes, whenever you glance through its pages, that most special day of your life